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Master the Silks is the worlds first comprehensive, advanced-level online aerial silks certification course. Created by Womack and Bowman to serve the world-wide community of pre-professional aerialists, aerial teachers and studio owners as well as advanced level students. This innovative course covers everything from Climbs to Single and Double FootLock sequences to Drops, Bendy Poses, Spinning Tricks, Wheeldowns, Choreography and act creation . Bonus content includes conditioning and flexibility guides as well as rigging and equipment purchasing contacts.

Broken down into 9 digestible modules of instructional content with an encouraging and supportive go-at-your-own pace structure, Master the Silks will take your aerial silks technique and artistry to an entirely new level. The course consists of hours upon hours of exciting and innovative tricks, exceptional instruction and beautiful videography complete with birds-eye-view perspectives, voice over guidance and ‘pro-tips’ for each and every trick and transition.

The course also contains a certification module where students are given the opportunity to study one of four aerial silks acts choreographed by Womack and Bowman exclusively for Master the Silks and containing tricks from the course. Each act contains video demonstrations as well as support materials such as original music, counts and direction. After rehearsing their chosen act, students are encouraged to film themselves performing it before sending the footage in to Womack and Bowman in exchange for a Master the Silks certificate of completion.

MTS graduates can be found all over the world, from New York, North Carolina and Los Angeles to Sydney, London, Spain and Indonesia!

“Wow! This is the best aerial silks instruction I’ve ever seen!” -Master the Silks student Jacqueline (Galaxy) Jax

“Since purchasing and implementing MTS I have developed a sense of personal aerial style and now have the confidence to build marketable routines. I even have a performance residency in the works! Thank you to Rachel and Brett for being so committed to helping aspiring aerialists thrive!”      –Master the Silks student Alexis Udo-Udoma

In order to provide Master the Silks students with the highest level of customer service and support, the course is only open for enrollment a few times a year. To get on the coveted waitlist and stay up to date on all things MTS enter your email address HERE


‘5 Steps to Master the Aerial Silks’ Get the FREE Cheat Sheet!