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How To Get The Most Out Of Aerial Class

It's Back to (Circus) School Time!


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Get Ready For Your Best Year Yet!

Summer is coming to an end here in the US (although in LA we say that a little tongue in cheek). The kids are back at School and adults have returned to work and other adult-ey things.

Things such as flying around on a Trapeze and climbing Silks, being the adult that YOU are…

As you prepare to get back into the rhythm of regular aerial training and classes, remember to keep the following in mind:

1. Define your Goals

It’s hard to stay motivated and get to class every week/day if you have not set clear aerial related goals for yourself. Think long and hard about what it is that you hope to get out of your training. Maybe it’s simply to have fun and be part of a community of supportive people, maybe it’s to perform in a showcase, open a studio or teach or maybe even get paid to perform as an aerialist? No goal is too large or small; all that matters is that you have one (or more).

2. Create a Training Schedule

Once you have defined your goals, the next step is to take action on them by creating a concrete training schedule. Put down in writing the number of classes you intend to take every week as well as the amount of hours you will spend training and rehearsing on your own. Book your classes and studio time well in advance so you have no choice but to show up, rain or shine, inspired or not. This discipline will eventually become routine which will bring you closer to achieving your goals.

3. Bring your Best Self to Class

No matter how many years you have been taking aerial classes and how comfortable you may be with your teacher its is important for your training and class dynamic to practice good class etiquette. This means:

A) Be on time! Which means: Be early! There is a saying in the entertainment industry “being on time means you are late!” This is true for aerial class as well. Missing the warm up is not ok (of course there are occasional emergencies or unavoidable’s), not only is it disrespectful to your teacher and the rest of your class but it is unfair to yourself. Your body needs time to warm up, your mind needs time to focus and settle in before attempting challenging and sometimes dangerous combinations.

B) Don’t talk excessively to your classmates between drills. Not only does this distract you both from the task at hand but it is also disrespectful to your teacher and may even affect the flow of class, causing your experience to be less then awesome.

C) Don’t text/email/facebook/snapchat/instagram etc during class time. If you want to video something, check with your teacher first (some teachers prefer not to have their choreography out there on the interwebs). Remember, a happy teacher means cooler, more badass tricks, extra special attention and maybe even a little more time in the air! It’s in YOUR best interest to practice good class etiquette.

4. Stay Positive

Sometimes you will have a bad class or training. It’s frustrating to feel like you are going backwards but this is absolutely normal. Check in with yourself to see what’s really going on; are you hungry, tired, distracted or emotionally drained? After class, instead of berating yourself, try to find out what you need. Maybe it’s a phone call to a loved one; maybe it’s a healthy meal or a long bath. Take care of your self and let the negativity go. Then, remembering your inspirational aerial goals, return to your training with renewed energy and sense of purpose!

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Weekly Aerial Content, Video Tutorials and Insider Tips and Tricks!

Join our email club and get in the know!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed