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Womack and Bowman

Aerial performers and master teachers

As Seen On

Womack and Bowman are a dynamic Performance Art duo that fuse breathtaking aerial performances with contemporary dance, ground acrobatics, multi-media and fashion. Based out of Los Angeles the duo regularly tour the country as guest artists for opera and ballet companies, symphony orchestras, dance festivals and contemporary circus companies. They have appeared in numerous films and commercials and in television shows and print campaigns.

Bravery – On and off the stage. That is the catalyst for this most intriguing partnership. A partnership categorized by a genuine friendship and appreciation, manifested in an extraordinary balance of technical prowess and athleticism, artistic virtuosity and disorientating beauty.

Womack and Bowman is the assemblage of two of today’s most prolific aerial artists coming together as partners to perform, experiment, collaborate and share their love for innovation in aerial and performance art.

Their mission is to create work that appeals to a wide audience on a global scale, comprised of innovative concepts that fuse high art with commercial appeal.

Clients include:

.Cirque Du Soleil
. True Blood
. American Horror Story
. The Voice
. The Defenders
. Powder Blue
. Splendor
. Brothers and Sisters
. Vidal Sassoon
. Jessica Biel
. Michael Jackson
. Elizabeth Taylor
. Eddie and Janie Van Halen
. Cirque De La Symphonie
. Cirque Dreams
. Luminario Ballet Company
. Troupe Vertigo
. Crucible Fire Ballet
. Circo Zero
. Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Company
. Opera Australia

The Loft

In March 2014 the duo founded Womack and Bowman – The Loft in North Hollywood, California. The Loft (as it is commonly known) is an aerial arts studio dedicated to serving and enriching the lives of aerial students who are seeking more then just a fitness class but rather a holistic and artistic experience. After years of performing as aerialists and instructing around the world, Womack and Bowman decided to put down roots in Los Angeles and create an intimate space to share their passion and wealth of knowledge while continuing their performing careers.

Within a year of opening, The Loft had expanded to a larger venue where it could comfortably house its growing clientele and host regular student performances and events. The Loft remains a boutique, somewhat underground studio nestled in the foothills of Los Angeles San Fernando Valley, committed to excellence and innovation in the field of aerial arts.

Master the Silks

Master the Silks is the worlds first comprehensive, advanced-level online aerial silks course. Created by Womack and Bowman to serve the world-wide community of pre-professional aerialists, aerial teachers and studio owners as well as advanced level students. This innovative course covers everything from Climbs to single and double FootLock sequences to Drops, Bendy Poses, Spinning Tricks, Wheeldowns and Choreography. Bonus content includes conditioning and flexibility guides as well as Rigging and Equipment purchasing contacts.

Satisfied MTS customers can be found all over the world from New York, North Carolina and LA to Sydney, London, Spain and Indonesia!In order to provide Master the Silks students with the highest level of customer service and support, the course is only open for enrollment a few times a year. To get on the waitlist and stay up to date on all things MTS enter your email address HERE

Rachel Bowman

Rachel began her career as a ballet dancer in Australia working with Opera Australia Ballet Company and the Australian Ballet. She trained as an aerialist at the National Institute of Circus Arts in Melbourne and has travelled the world working as a dancer and aerialist performing in Europe, China, Japan and the USA.
Rachel has performed her own choreography as a solo aerialist for Cirque Du Soleil, and Disney (Japan) and for special events for Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor. As a choreographer her work can be seen in numerous music videos for artists including Snoop Dogg, in television on shows such as My Fair Wedding, in the film Powder Blue Starring Jessica Biel and Patrick Swayze and in Plays, Opera’s, Musical Theatre productions and Symphony Orchestra’s throughout the country.

Brett Womack 

Brett began his performance career at an early age in San Francisco. He received his training in aerial, acrobatics and dance from the Circus Center, Acrosports, and the San Francisco Ballet. Brett has performed his own choreography as a solo aerialist for companies such as Cirque Dreams, Luminario Ballet, and Troupe Vertigo. His work has been termed, “stunning to behold,” by San Francisco Weekly and he was the Winner of the Judges Award and the Audience Award for Best Aerial Act at the 4th Annual American Circus Festival in 2006. He has traveled the world performing all over the US, Korea, Canada and Europe, and has shared the stage with such artists as Velvet Revolver, Wyclef Jean, Paul Oakenfold, Alkaline Trio, and The Dresden Dolls as well as performed live on NBC’s The Voice and worked extensively with American Horror Story as ‘the Rubberman’.


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