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5 PROVEN Steps To A Beautiful, Bendy Back On The Aerial Silks!

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Do you have a…

Strong Core?
Stiff Back?
Defined Lats?
Tight shoulders?

Who can relate?!

If you’re like most dedicated aerialists you are likely nodding you’re head in agreement right now.

It takes strength and power (and commitment!) to make those Inverts, Hip-Keys, Meat Hooks, Planches, Straddle Climbs, Roll-ups and Back-levers look easy!

Unfortunately, developing the kind of important and necessary strength to perform these moves and figures can often times tighten up our shoulders and backs, which is why it is so important to balance out all of this training with the RIGHT kind of stretching!

There are of course many different schools of thought out there on what constitutes the ‘right’ kind of stretching.

In our experience as professional aerialists we have found that active flexibility techniques work best (as apposed to passive stretching) as they do not require us to sacrifice the strength we need to train and perform.

For those of you looking to increase your back and shoulder flexibility in order to execute and improve your Scorpions, Pagoda’s, Back Needle Scales and arches in the air while maintaining your hard-earned aerial strength, we have put together an effective 5 step ‘Cheat Sheet’:

The 5 PROVEN Steps to a Beautiful, Bendy Back on the Aerial Silks

The effective exercises in this cheat sheet took us YEARS to learn and discover as well as $ in private training sessions and classes with flexibility experts and physical therapists.

Now they are yours, absolutely FREE!

Download the cheat sheet, try out the exercises at your next training session and let us know how you get on in the comments section!

To your beautiful, bendy back (AAAND awesomely powerful lats, shoulders and core!)

Have a fantastic rest of your week!

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