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Your ABILITY should FAR exceed what you perform and teach


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Aerialist Sarah Romanowsky is a force to be reckoned with! She is a sought-after performer and instructor who is constantly traveling the world sharing her incredible talents and signature moves.

Currently based in Berlin, Sarah will be joining us live from our studio in Los Angeles to co-host Aerial Silks World 2 on February 16th and we couldn’t be more excited!

Not only will Sarah be performing for you LIVE on the Aerial Silks, she will also be teaching you 3 stunning signature combinations as part of her 35 minute Aerial Silks tutorial.

Tricks/combinations include:

1) One Hook Wonder
2) Knee Drop to Butterfly Belay
3) Sleeping Beauty Drop

Sarah will be breaking each of theses combinations down, giving you pro-tips as well as mistakes to avoid so that you can truly master these gorgeous moves yourself!

If you haven’t registered already for Aerial Silks World 2 be sure to do so right here:

Aerial Silks World 2 Registration
We sat down (virtually) with Sarah recently and discussed her aerial motivations and origins, advice for up-and-coming performers and favorite aerial experiences. Many of you follow her gorgeous pics and videos on Instagram (if not, you should!) @sarahromanowsky and we know you will enjoy this peek behind the scenes and inside the mind of this incredibly strong, fabulous and inspirational lady!

W&B: You began your career as a dancer, what drew you to aerial initially?

SR: While I was a dance major at Loyola Marymount University, I would see dance shows regularly around Los Angeles, including productions by Terry Beeman. He was starting to incorporate aerial arts into his shows & I was reminded how much I wanted to learn silks, which I had first seen in Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion in high school. After college, I was working as a dancer, but felt a hunger for something that would utilize my technique & training while challenging me in new ways. I soon started taking classes from many of the aerialists I saw in Terry Beeman’s show The Closing, including Tania Holt, who was my first & main instructor for several years. Aerial Silks was the perfect blend of strength & artistry for me, and I soon branched off into learning Hammock & Hoop as well.

W&B:  Do you think dance has benefited your aerial career? If so, how?

SR: I would attribute my dance background to being the foundation of my aerial work & probably the main reason I have a career at all in this field! The lines, the discipline, the artistry, the performance quality…all of these things were learned & developed in my dance classes growing up, then further evolved in my aerial work.

W&B: What has been your favorite aerial performance experience?

SR: It’s hard to pick one, but something I absolutely love doing is performing in churches around Christmas time. The music & energy is always so powerful & magical to me! Additionally, even though it wasn’t my favorite apparatus to work on (aerial harness), it was a dream to perform at the historic Radio City Music Hall in NYC. I also really enjoyed performing as backup for the silks & pole solos in Fantasy at the Luxor in Las Vegas. I had a lot of artistic freedom there & it was a fun show & environment to work in!

W&B: What advice would you give to aspiring aerialists as they begin to seek professional work?

SR: I would say it’s crucial to educate oneself as much as possible about the industry, compensation & safety standards. I also wouldn’t rush into teaching & performing aerial arts until you’re at a very high level of strength & vocabulary. It’s too easy to get hurt in this industry & we need to keep everyone as safe as we can while maintaining a high level of skill & technical standards. Lastly, it’s good to remember that you shouldn’t perform or teach at the very edge of your ability. One’s ability should far exceed what they perform & teach on a regular basis.

Have a question for Sarah? Reply to this email with your name and your aerial-related question and we will ask her LIVE during the Q&A session at Aerial Silks World 2 on February 16th!

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Have an inspired rest of your week!

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Weekly Aerial Content, Video Tutorials and Insider Tips and Tricks!

Join our email club and get in the know!

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