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Master the Art of The Wheeldown

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The Wheeldown/Barrel Roll/ Helicopter.

Whatever you call this awesome trick on the Aerial Silks, most aerialists and aerial instructors consider it one of the hardest to Master.

Not only do you need to know correct Wheeldown technique and wraps but you also need to have excellent body awareness and core strength as you wheel your way from the top of your silks to the bottom with the greatest of ease (hopefully!)

Today we have a special treat for you!

A FREE video workshop all about Wheeldowns!

Master the Art of the Wheeldown

In this informative and value-packed master class we will reveal our innovative and highly effective 4-step process to Mastering the art of the Wheeldown, and the best news? It’s absolutely FREE!

Recorded LIVE in front of an online audience of hundreds of aerialists and aerialists-in-training from around the world, Master the Art of the Wheeldown contains all the tricks, tips and mistakes to avoid you need to truly Master your Wheeldown!
You Will Learn:

  • Three powerful exercises to build strength and improve body alignment in your Wheeldowns
  • The S Wrap unwrapped – Tricks and tips for improving your S wrap Wheeldown preparation
  • How to develop gorgeous wheeldown FLOW
  • Mastering your Wheeldon exit

Watch and download the workshop right here:

Watch the Video

Be sure to leave us a comment below the video and let us know how you get on implementing the Wheeldown tips and tricks!

Happy training!

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