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No More Fish Feet!

To flex or not to flex? That is the question...

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We recently came across an interesting Facebook post by a respected aerial colleague:


Inspired and intrigued we began to think about the complexities of foot expression in the air…

Personally we both tend to indulge in a little foot flexing from time to time in performance, particularly if the music and routine is angsty, aggressive or animalistic in nature. Not only does it feel good to flex but we believe it also adds dynamics and an unexpected element of drama.

For more corporate e.g. conservative performances such as a gala or black tie event we tend to keep the toes appropriately pointed and somewhat….restrained.

We couldn’t agree more! There is (almost) nothing worse then floppy fish feet and there is certainly some truth to the idea that flexing the foot (in a Foot Lock for example) does create more support for the body in general.

The choice on whether to flex or point your feet is up to you as an aerial artist but whatever you do, be sure to imbue those tootsies with energy so as to avoid making your performance appear sloppy.

Image courtesy of Yoga Gypsy

Flexing Vs Pointing


Benefits Include…

  1. Lengthening of the leg (much like wearing high heels 😉
  2.  Improving the bodies line and ‘finish’ in tricks and poses
  3.  Infusing your movement with a sense of refinement and elegance

Benefits Include…

  1. Adding dynamics to your movement
  2. Increasing character and individuality
  3. Flexing the feet can feel somewhat rebellious, which in turn can make you feel like a bad-ass and hence, you perform like one 😉

Final thoughts on feet..

  • Experiment, play, challenge the aerial worlds pre-conceived ideas of beauty!
  • Find your personal foot bliss!
  • Listen to your instructors, watch your training videos, experiment and then make your own foot-related decisions …

To flex or not to flex?

The choice is up to you.

Have an amazing week, see you in the air soon!

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