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Creative Cross-Back Entries

Steal these 4 Creative entries into Cross-Back Straddle on the Aerial Silks!

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The Cross-Back, sometimes known as the ‘X’ Back into Straddle on the Aerial Silks is a foundational move and ‘right-of-passage’ for any beginning aerial student eager to progress to the Intermediate/Advanced level.

Today, we are super excited to bring you another ‘mini-training’ video tutorial that includes 4 Creative Cross-Back Entries for you to learn, practice and Master!

Some of these entries may be familiar to you, some of them may be entirely new.

*The Creative Cross-Back Entries include:

  • Reach and Dive into Cross-┬áBack Straddle
  • Chair Twist into Cross-Back Straddle
  • Knee Tangle into Cross-Back┬áBack
  • Fancy Feet into Cross-Back Straddle
Watch the Video

*Please be sure to use a safety mat at all times when working on tricks/combinations that are new to you.

Enjoy the video tutorial and please let us know if you have any questions by posting in the comments section below!

Happy training!

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