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How to NAIL Your Next Aerial Photoshoot


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It’s officially happening! You have booked your first aerial photoshoot. Woohoo!

Whether you are working with a professional photographer and performance grade lighting or your husband’s iPhone and an Amazon Ring Light, your success (and awesome pics) will be ensured if you follow a few simple rules.1. Commit to a Theme (or 2)

Successful photoshoots almost always have a ‘theme.’ This can be anything from ‘Vintage- Circus’ to ‘Superhero’ to ‘Haute Couture’ to ‘Check-out-me-doing-aerial-in-my jeans’ casual and ANYTHING in between. There are no right or wrong themes, just be sure to have one. You can use the location of your shoot for inspiration or a particular costume or any idea you or the photographer are interested in exploring. Once you have a theme in mind, commit to it with your costuming, make-up, lighting (where possible) as well as your apparatus and movement style.

2. Invest in Costumes and Makeup

Spend time determining the costume you will wear for your photoshoot. It doesn’t need to be expensive, you can find fabulous pieces (dresses, pants, leotards, lingerie) at thrift stores and ‘bedazzle them’ by glueing on rhinestones or feathers etc. You may be able to rent/borrow/trade costumes from other aerialists. Having a few costume options is always a good idea, to get a few different ‘looks’ and in case something isn’t working how you hoped.

If you are able to hire a Makeup Artist, go for it! If not, study makeup looks that you like on Youtube, Instagram, etc and practice at home until you feel comfortable. Much can be achieved with a dramatic false eyelash and some glitter!

3. Pick Poses Before (if possible)

‘Rehearse’ for your photoshoot like you would for a performance. Plan out the shapes, entrances/exits you would like to get pictures of. If you are stuck for ideas, researching on Pinterest is a great place to start.

During your shoot, as you get into each pose, try to really perform every movement. Sometimes the best and most interesting pictures come from an unexpected transition, wrap or maneuver.

4. Utilize Music and Intention

Where possible, play inspirational music during your photo shoot that is in line with your theme. This will really help you get into the ‘character’ or express the intention that you are looking to portray. If your theme is Vintage Circus for example, you might want music that is old-timey feeling or for a modern circus-style (7 Fingers vibe) you might want some more contemporary electronica or even rock.

5. Perform 

And the final rule for a successful photoshoot? Perform, perform, perform. Commit 100% to your theme, your movement, your intention and character. If you are confident in your choices and OWN your presence in front of the camera (think Tyra Banks + aerial!) you will NAIL your aerial photoshoot!

Now, will every picture be a winner? Absolutely not! We all have those awkward photos where our foot was sickled, our knee bent awkwardly or our face is squished into the hoop but follow these rules and you will be sure to come away with A LOT of gorgeous pics! And all you need is 4 or maybe 5 FABULOUS photographs for a really successful aerial photoshoot.

Have you recently done a photoshoot or have one coming up? We would love to see the results! Tag us @womackandbowman in your favorite pics on Instagram so we can celebrate you!

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Weekly Aerial Content, Video Tutorials and Insider Tips and Tricks!

Join our email club and get in the know!

it's free!
100% privacy guaranteed